Communication to the Doctor in Italy

Quality information, always up-to-date and easy to consult

The widespread use of the web has structurally changed the personal behaviour and professional practices of doctors, pharmacists and pharmaceutical companies.

Ignoring the new methods of consultation and continuous training required in the healthcare sector would mean falling behind more attentive competitors.

Merqurio has interpreted the most current needs, developing DottNet: the innovative multimedia platform entirely dedicated to the communication to the Doctor in Italy


Classic Dem 

Classic Dem is an email completely dedicated to event communication.

The Classic Dem is a dedicated email, unbundled from our newspapers containing a branded and personalised message with 2-3 call-to-actions to a DottNet feature and/or an external link.

Aims & Objectives
  • When you need a communication exclusively dedicated to the product, without other editorial content
  • When you need flexibility in terms of target, date and time of dispatch, subject of the email
  • When you want to support the doctor in the decision-making, relational and professional updating process
  • To give the HCP useful arguments and services
  • To offer the doctor the possibility to come into direct contact with the brand/pathology


Integrated Dem

Advertising space inserted in a trade magazine to visually tell the brand value and intercept the reader in a experience of Pharma Marketing in Italy.

An integrated demo is a promotional ADV that contains a branded message delivered through a newspaper. The Dem has a call to action to a DottNet feature and/or an external website.

Aims & Objectives
  • When the objective of the campaign is to promote product reminding
  • When you want to combine the communication of the Dem with that of a sponsored article
  • When you want to integrate the communication in a newspaper recognised by the target audience
  • When you want to increase the involvement of the doctor
  • When you want to stimulate curiosity for in-depth analysis



Banners on the site 

A multimedia advertising tool capable of attracting attention, arousing interest and leaving a memory in the user who surfs online.

It makes it possible to combine the promotional needs of companies with the ability to engage targets profiled by specialisation of interest.

  • For interactive communication and high visibility within Dottnet, in the places where the target is informed.
  • To increase the effectiveness of online campaigns and promote brand recall.
  • To involve the audience and convey it to the place of in-depth analysis.



Customer Audience 

To be sure that the recipients of the content are really doctors, it is necessary to use Customer Audience.

With this tool you can import a file with an email list. Before uploading, a hashing procedure will be triggered that allows the social media to find matches between the data provided and your own. Once the matches are found, they will be added to the customised audience and only those will become the target of the campaign.

In this case, having a highly profiled email database is the key to a successful social campaign for Pharma Marketing in Italy.