Multichannel Pharma Marketing: what it is and what it is for

Multichannel Pharma Marketing in Italy is basically simple: the right content, to the right doctor, at the right time, with the right channel.

Multichannel is a communication model of digital marketing, which uses a plurality of channels based on the needs or tastes of the consumer, in order to have a greater impact and consequently more sales.

Digital, Remote Pharmaceutical Representative in Italy and frontal pharmaceutical Sales Rep in Italy are now tools that can be used all the time: you just have to know how to choose the right channels for each product and each target.

Multichannel Pharma Marketing: The right message

In Pharma Marketing in Italy every material has to be thought of or adjusted for each individual channel and following a storytelling strategy.

The production of material must be adapted and re-planned on the basis of market events and news, congress presentations, publications of clinical studies, new launches and changes in competitors' commercial strategies. Then. it must readjusted based on customer response. Finally, it must be linked to the channel and mode of communication.

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative in Italy is basically a cultural industry: it produces quality content and distributes it at the right time and to the right people. The models or channels of communication will change, and medical and pharmaceutical sales representative along with them.

Multichannel Pharma Marketing: the right interlocutor

Intercept the potentially interested person, engage them and lead them to a purchase with the right words. This is the basis of Pharma Multichannel Solutions.

Talking to the PATIENT

There is no truly effective Pharmaceutical Sales Representative in Italy that does not look at the patient as a person and therefore at treatment as a complete affirmation of the right to be well or to be better.

Keeping doctors up to date, correct information, compliance with scientific standards, therapeutic validity, and adherence to laws and regulations are the basis of correct Pharmaceutical Sales Representative in Italy, but excellence can only be achieved from a patient-centric perspective.

The figure of the patient has also evolved over time: we have moved from a passive patient to an informed one. The patient today is informed and evaluates both the doctor's actions and choices and the prescription. If the representative is able to understand this transformation, his revolutionary work as a cultural mediator will be perfectly effective.

Talking to the DOCTOR

The doctor is a professional who expects the Pharmaceutical Sales Rep in Italy, to pass on useful information through non-promotional, educational scientific material, written in an effective editorial style and the result of a careful selection of the best international sources. The doctor is a man of today, who uses smartphones, reads on the internet, keeps up to date thanks to newsletters, uses apps for drugs and interactions. Bringing a doctor to know, remember, consider prescribing and then actually prescribe a drug is a process of trust that passes mainly through quality content presented in the best way and to the right target.

Talking to the PHARMACIST

The pharmacist based on the experience of our "remote agent" buys based on certain elements: shelf space, requests received, the margin, promotional opportunity and exclusivity.

Using multichannel in pharmacy means putting all these elements together. The good pharmaceutical sales representative in Italy is the one who solves the pharmacist's difficulties and offers the best Value Selling Proposition to the patient.

Entering a pharmacy as a representative means understanding what the pharmacist wants to give the patient and providing the skills to deal with the patient's treatment in the best possible way. In short, the representative has to put the patient at the centre in the pharmacy as well.

Multichannel Pharma Marketing: the right time


It consists of the ways in which medical-scientific information adapts to the life of today's doctor: smarter, more digital, more remote. The Pharmaceutical sales REP in Italy is also adapting to the new spirit and way in which the doctor works: telemedicine, teleassistance, remote diagnosis, use of platforms for sharing data with the patient, between general practitioner and specialist or hospital specialist centre. It is therefore necessary to help medical representatives with appropriate content, with suitable sharing platforms and with specific communication skills.

Indeed, today's doctor puts much more time into online than face-to-face information. Doctors prefer to manage their update time at their own convenience, between PC and mobile. Starting from the doctor's desire to keep up to date implies an increase in communication channels, each with its own "semantics" and "rules", and consequently different messages, conjugated and declined for each channel.

Pharma Multichannel Marketing: the right channel

There is a need for Pharma Marketing in Italy efforts to produce multichannel specific content, both qualitatively and quantitatively. Each channel must be fed with its own content, mixing innovative and traditional channels.

1. THE Remote Pharmaceutical Representative

It is one of the main channels in the Healthcare Multichannel Marketing A frequent MCM project is composed of a visit from the FDI, followed by an inter-call from the Remote Pharmaceutical Representative in Italy and an email marketing project. This highly efficient working model allows the frontline REP and the remote REP, a professional figure created by Merqurio, to carry messages focused on the same points. The joint use of the two figures is the key to shared Pharma Multichannel internal and external network projects. This requires Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms capable of bringing together information from multiple sources and creating a closed loop marketing across multiple channels.

2. The digital

Now more than ever, pharmaceutical companies have the opportunity to increase their impact on the decision-making process of physicians, to strengthen their engagement in a Pharma Multichannel Marketing in Italy strategy. A good digital project is able to make available to the doctor and, consequently, to the target audience, a serial group of professional scientific information about a product and its pathology.

3. The Medical Science Liaison (MSL)

This is the professional figure who is functionally dependent on the medical management and who works in contact with professional figures who are considered influencers or opinion leaders by the company. He or she organises meetings, hospital meetings, in which he or she discusses with physicians, creating ideas for the launch of clinical studies or for their analysis. The relationship he builds is very high, personalised, peer to peer, with high technical and scientific content.

The frontal MSL or remote MSL® is a valuable support to the profession, not just a piece of an information activity that the company puts in place to update doctors.

4. Social media

If you want to keep up with the times, you have to reinvent scientific information also from the perspective of social media: Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok. Social media are also a good way of combating misinformation and fake news, which now bombard us daily on every channel, digital or otherwise. Social media marketing pharma is a winning weapon nowadays.

5. Training events

Continuing education is a duty that cannot be avoided, especially in the medical and scientific field. Today, there are ways of distributing and delivering innovative training, such as interactive courses. The digital transformation has also reached congresses, where the number of virtual visitors has increased exponentially (even more so in the last two years). On the one hand, this allows for greater financial sustainability, more visibility and also allows many doctors to actively participate in congresses.