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A career for Pharma

Over the past 25 years as Merqurio CEO, I have contributed to more than 1,500 projects developed for the pharmaceutical industry. During 2020, I had the opportunity to meet in person, through the Merqurio Campus programme and other webinars, over 500 Pharma managers.

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My career as a healthcare entrepreneur began at the age of 18, when I started my first business as the administrator of a software house, which today we would call an innovative startup. I was working on pharmacy management software and soon after I had the intuition to write a protocol for communication via modem (yes, modems existed in those days) between a pharmacy and an intermediate wholesaler. It allowed the transmission of the order and the return of the missing order in real time, connecting PCs with different operating systems and large IBM S34 S36 mainframes.

In 1994, thanks to an application to the European Community (it was not the European Union at the time) and the allocation of a grant, I built, with my collaborators, a database of medicines updated daily and a system for distributing them via modem to pharmacies. A revolutionary system that avoided the expense of sending floppy disks (that's right, floppy disks were used and sent by post).

CEO Salvatore Ruggiero
Pharma Marketing

The drug database was the springboard for Merqurio and for a reference publication of medicines in Italy, and for years we have been publishing yearbooks, handbooks, pocket volumes, CD Roms, with up-to-date and reasoned lists of drug data sheets.

The move from the online database to pharmaceutical email marketing was a natural step and, thanks to our doctor communication projects, we collected year after year the privacy and emails of many doctors who wished to keep up to date with paper works or emails.

Another major 'revolution' was the creation of the figure of the Remote Representative operating by telephone, with the registered brand “Informatore Remoto”® (Remote Sales Pharmaceutical Representative), first misunderstood, then opposed, and finally imitated. The method of communication via telephone, then via the web and finally via webcam was a benchmark in both the Italian and international markets. Building a stable professional relationship based on scientific content requires respect for rules, building know-how, specific skills, training courses, constant updating, process management and - above all - a deep understanding of the interpersonal dynamics that are established between the doctor and the Pharmaceutical Sales REP through the new channels.

CEO Salvatore Ruggiero

The implementation of the frontal pharmaceutical REP network with a CSO, consisting of national contracted Pharmaceutical Sales REP, the creation of a specific medical information group, the work of updating the database of doctors and mapping of clinicians and the facilities in which they work complete Merqurio's suite of services.

The latest evolution of this process has been the joint use of multichannel communication, on a single CRM platform, and the in-house availability of all tools transforms Merqurio into the leading player in the Pharma Multichannel Solutions.

Today I have the honour of leading a growing, structured company with over 150 employees, which is a benchmark in the Healthcare Multichannel Marketing and which offers communication and information services to major pharmaceutical companies.

Creating successful Pharma Multichannel Solutions that engage the practitioner and are effective requires experience, competence

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Salvatore Ruggiero