Orchestrator @Rep

The 'clearance of remote pharmaceutical sales rep in Italy'.

The evolution of technology has accelerated the conversion process of most Pharmaceutical Sales Representative in Italy Networks from a strictly frontal approach to a hybrid approach (frontal + remote).

Clinicians themselves are increasingly showing a willingness for remote detailing, if it is of quality and focused on topics of interest to them.

Far from "retiring" the figure of the Pharmaceutical Sales Representative in Italy, pharmaceutical companies agree on the need to evolve the figure of the sales representative from a simple "channel" of contact with the doctor (often not integrated with the other activities developed by Marketing and Medical) to a "channel manager", i.e. a more managerial and more modern role with the objective of assessing which contents and which media to use to communicate with the doctors in his file.

This new role will involve the development of Digital and Content Marketing skills in close synergy with Brand managers without forgetting his strong point, namely knowledge of his doctor and the aim of increasingly personalising communication.


Towards Funnel Marketing and Medical Personas

Pharma Communication in Italy with healthcare professionals will have to be increasingly personalised in order to qualify the relationship with them to obtain positive returns from the various promotional activities. This represents a "Copernican revolution" for Pharma  Marketing in Italy, which will have to move from an essentially undifferentiated communication (one content and one media for all) to a segmented communication, envisaging different flows, different contents and different media for each individual "Medical Personas".


Services offered

Merqurio's offer of Remote Sales Rep services has been enriched with three new features, with the aim of providing pharmaceutical companies with "outsourced" support centred on the figure of the Orchestrator @Rep.

Orchestrator @Rep Blog

A section in DottNet (the Merqurio portal dedicated to the medical profession), personalised and used by the Orchestrator @Rep as a repository of all the content it will share with the doctor.
The Orchestrator @Rep Blog will be the point of convergence of all the contacts made during the campaign.

Integration of Zoom in DottNet

The adoption of the Zoom platform to manage video calls with doctors and its inclusion in DottNet in the Orchestrator @Rep Blog section dedicated to the project offers numerous advantages.

Digital Tracking function

Agile CRM is the application used by Merqurio's @Rep Orchestrators to manage detailing activity. The Digital Tracking function allows them to track in real time all the OnLine activities carried out by doctors within the campaign.