• Remote Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Do you want to engage the medical class through innovative ways?

Phone-detailing represents a Healthcare Multichannel Marketing service - innovative and fast - for pharmaceutical companies that want to reach physicians.


This service is an alternative or a support to the visit of remote pharmaceutical  representative, allows managers to implement marketing plans and eliminates unproductive expenses.


Merqurio has devised an integrated system specifically designed to optimize the promotion of drug awareness. The main activities of phone-detailing represent the solution to the main needs of pharmaceutical companies.


What we offer

  • Remote pharmaceutical representative and medical information for mature products
  • Supplementary remote pharmaceutical rep in support of the sales network
  • Remote representatives and medical information on therapeutic areas
  • Remote pharmaceutical representatives on territorial areas
  • Inbound telephone assistance for healthcare professionals or patients on pharmaceutical products
  • Rapid information from the remote pharmaceutical representative on changes introduced for medicinal products
  • Lead Generation activities: acquisition of customer appointments
  • Increased registrations to sites reserved for healthcare professionals
  • Medical information and pharmaceutical sales rep on laboratory tests at specialists' offices
  • Phone-detailing offers its partners the possibility to selectively support effective communication towards the reference target.


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